Make difficult things easy

The individual and customised planning and management of the entire relocation process helps you to arrive more comfortably in your new surroundings – and leaves you with more time and energy for the more enjoyable things.

That’s how I can help you

  • Travel Management
  • Appointment Management in the Starting Phase
  • Assistance Functions
  • Deal with Public Authorities
  • Apartment Search
  • Move Management
  • Tips for culture, leisure and much more

Arrive – the orientation phase

You concentrate on arriving, I tackle the rest.

Together we will analyse your individual needs. I can support you doing your first steps in the new city as well as research a selection of suitable residential properties. In the further process of flat hunting I can help with scheduling, the actual flat viewing, negotiation of a lease until the handing over of the object.


Welcome – Support from a single source

  • Briefing
  • Appointment Management
  • Travel Management (booking of flights and hotels, pick-up from the airport and hotel, organisation of the entire stay)
  • Orientation Tour
  • Individual Planning of Short Trips
  • Overview of School Systems, Child Care, Shopping, Leisure Facilities

The Home

  • Create a personal requirement profile
  • Analysis of the current housing market
  • Search and preselection of suitable object
  • Discussion of the objects
  • Schedule coordination
  • Transfer during house viewing
  • Visit of the residential objects
  • Explanation of the lease
  • Accompaniment at the lease signing
  • Accompaniment at the takeover of the object
  • Make a takeover log
  • Set up of a rental deposit savings book
  • Assistance in registering with the providers (electricity, gas, water, garbage, television)

Moving and Authorities

Come in – Welcome to your home

The apartment is found, the move date is set. comitamus now ensures that everything goes smoothly.

Come In

Move Management

  • Obtaining quotes from removal companies
  • Appointment coordination of the move
  • Accompaniment of the communication process
  • Support on the day of the move
  • Coordination of craftsmen and cleaning services

Municipalities service – no reason to be afraid of foreign authorities

  • Assistance with visa application
  • Assistance in applying for a police certificate of good conduct
  • Application and extension of the work permit
  • Arrival, re-registrations and cancellations at the Bürgeramt
  • Application for the vested benefits certificate under EU law
  • Application for a tax number at the tax office
  • Application for child and parental benefits
  • Registration of pets
  • Application for a resident parking permit
  • Registration of motor vehicles and TÜV / ASU
  • Reissuing of driving licenses
  • Contract management (control of extension and notice periods)

Settle Down

Stand by – Everything for living in the new environment

Enjoy living in your new environment! I help to establish an interesting and smooth everyday routine for the whole family and I initiate everything necessary for the care and education of your children.

For your Children

  • Assistance in selecting suitable schools, kindergartens and play groups
  • Coordination of viewing appointments and accompaniment
  • Assistance with school registrations
  • Assistance in finding suitable childcare (child minder, babysitter)
  • Search for tutoring and music teachers
  • Support in the selection of suitable sports clubs
Stand By

The parents are fine when the children are well.

For you and your Partner

  • Arrange cross-cultural coaching and language courses
  • Support career management of the partner (job search)
  • Arrange expat coaching
  • Organisation of travel

Family Visit

You have family or friends visiting? Enjoy the quality time with your loved ones and leave the organisation to me.

  • Ticket and hotel booking
  • Airport pickup
  • Booking of restaurants, city tours and excursions
  • Booking of cultural events


Good-Bye – When the stay comes to an end

Every guest stay comes to an end. I take over all necessary organisations so you can feel at home until the end.

  • Needs assessment
  • Travel management
  • Return of the rental property
  • Coordination of renovation and cleaning work
  • Deregistration at care providers and authorities
  • Terminations of all contracts / memberships
  • Setting up a forwarding order and more
Good By

Short-term Stays

Temporary Accommodation – Short but comfortable

You do not stay long, but you want to feel comfortably at home? I support you in your search for a great home – filled fridge included!

  • Needs analysis
  • Research of suitable objects
  • Scheduling and accompanied flat viewing tour
  • Support for lease negotiations
  • Accompaniment at the takeover of the object
  • Assistance in registering with the providers (electricity, gas, water, garbage, television)
  • Organisation of final cleaning
Good by