I’ll signpost the way to your new home

New country, new city, but where do you start? I offer various service packages for you and your new home. You just need to choose.

Before the beginning until after the end

I look after you during all stages of your stay. While you are dedicated to your professional activities, I can assist you with all questions of practical organisation and stand as a reliable and experienced contact person for all your big and small wishes. I take care of everything you need for a new start in a professional and efficient manner and you can keep your mind free for …

  • for your new job
  • for your family
  • to explore your new city
  • for a short break
  • for creative plans
  • and for all those other beautiful things in life

Package [1] Preparation

The decision has been made – you are ready to plunge into your new life. For the preparatory phase I offer following services:

  • Briefing
  • Appointment management
  • Travel management
  • Bookings of flights and hotels
  • Airport pick up
  • Organization of the entire stay
  • Orientation tour
  • Overview of school systems and child care, shopping, leisure facilities and more
  • Overview of the housing market

from 700,00 EUR

Package [ 2 ] Apartment Search

Individual needs analysis, research of suitable objects, scheduling, sightseeing tour

The housing market in Berlin is tense and highly competitive. Reason enough to seek professional support in finding the right home.

  • Create a personal requirement profile
  • Analysis of the current housing market
  • Search and preselection of suitable objects (up to 6 objects)
  • Discussion of the objects
  • Coordination of a viewing tour
  • Appointment coordination with landlord and customer for viewing
  • Transfer to viewing
  • Visit of residential objects

from 1300.00 EUR

Package [ 3 ] Rental Management

Lease negotiation, assistance with conclusion of contract, accompaniment at official handover

When moving into a new apartment, there is lots to pay attention to and even more to do. comitamus will be happy to accompany you and take care of all those annoying little and big things.

  • Lease negotiation and examination
  • Explanation of lease
  • Accompaniment at signing of the lease
  • Accompaniment at official handover of the object
  • Make a handover log
  • Coordination of the deposit
  • Registration with care providers

Package [ 4 ] Relocation Management A

Relocation planning is not difficult – especially when professionals do most of the work.

  • Needs analysis
  • Offers from moving companies
  • Appointment coordination of the move
  • Accompaniment of the communication process

Package [ 5 ] Relocation Management B

Moving does not have to be a nightmare! With the help of comitamus you will soon be comfortable and your everyday life can begin.

  • Support on the day of the move
  • Coordination of craftsmen, cleaning services and deliveries
  • Assistance with interior design, the purchase of furniture, decorations etc.

These services are calculated according to scope.

Package [ 6 ] Acclimation

Moving to a new city or a new country has many organisational aspects. Together we define your needs. comitamus provides individual suggestions.

  • Providing information about medical care
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Clarification of insurance needs
  • Arranging language courses
  • Expat coaching
  • Assistance in finding a cleaning aid
  • Housewarming

These services are calculated according to scope.

Package [ 7 ] Personal Assistance

The new job requires all your concentration? With the personal assistance service you have professional support where you need it.

  • Needs assessment
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Administrative support for project application
  • Travel management
  • Event planning
  • Contract management
  • Establishing contacts to the scientific community
  • Support in the development of cooperations
  • Support with administrative hurdles

These services are calculated according to scope.

Package [ 8 ] Education

Families with children have special needs and requirements. It is my concern to provide a good start to every family member.

  • Information about German school system
  • Overview of international schools and kindergartens
  • Assistance in selecting suitable schools
  • Coordination and accompaniment of the viewing appointments
  • Assistance with registration formalities
  • Support in the search for sports clubs
  • Help in finding suitable childcare (childminder / babysitter / kindergarten / playgroup)

These services are calculated according to scope.

Package [ 9 ] Departure

Your stay comes to an end and you need to pull up stakes? With professional support nothing goes wrong here and the stay will remain in best memories.

  • Needs assessment including checklist
  • Assistance in terminating the lease
  • Return of rental property
  • Tracking deposit refund
  • Coordination of renovation and cleaning work
  • Deregistration at care providers and authorities
  • Contract management (termination / renewal of contracts / memberships)

from 700,00 EUR

Authorities Service

Procurement and translation of documents, checklists, official registrations, changes and cancellations

Administrative procedures are inevitable and can take a lot of time. Just delegate!

  • Assistance with visa application
  • Applying for a residence permit
  • Application and / or extension of work permit
  • Registration, re-registration and deregistration at the Bürgeramt
  • Application for police certificate of good conduct
  • Application for tax number at the tax office
  • Application for vested benefits certificate under EU law
  • Application for child benefit and parental allowance
  • Registration of pets
  • Apply for resident parking permit
  • Registration of motor vehicles
  • Reissuing of driving licenses
  • Contract management (control of notice and extension periods)

These services are calculated according to scope.

Services do not include third party fees.
Prices excl. 19% VAT